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Kane Drums Live
Kane big drums Studio

Kane Power is an audio engineer, podcaster and musician from New Zealand, with over 20 years experience in the music industry.

Kane played music from childhood; getting his first ukulele at age 2, and learning the classic Deep Purple song Smoke On The Water on guitar at age 5. At high-school Kane took lessons for guitar, bass guitar and drums, but it was the drum kit that received the most attention and dedication, becoming a full-time passion.  

Throughout his teenage years Kane played drums in various hardcore, punk and metal bands, as well as working as a drummer in a rock covers band from the age of 17.

Throughout his 20’s Kane toured New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Europe in bands across many genres as a drummer, producer and songwriter; while working as a session musician and studio engineer.

Kane received a first-class honours degree in music in 2007, during which he transformed his natural talent in music theory, songwriting and sound into a practical understanding of the technical aspects of music production. 

Kane moved to London, UK, in 2009, where he spent seven years as an active touring musician, session musician and studio engineer; releasing and performing on several critically acclaimed albums.

During his time in London, Kane also worked as an audio archivist for major labels and major UK artists, gaining a deep understanding of the ‘other side’ of the music industry. Many popular releases and rereleases between 2010 and 2016 passed through Kane’s ears.

As an audio archivist, Kane has worked for world renowned artists including: The Who, U2, Van Morrison, Queen, The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Elton John, The Sex Pistols, Oasis and many more.

In late 2016 Kane and his wife Ruth, returned to NZ with a goal to inform and encourage independent musicians trying to make their way in the modern music industry. His Musician's Map provides advice and development for musicians all over the world.

Kane spends most of his time running his podcast production company Precision Podcasting.

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