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Musician's Map eBook


The Complete Guide To Success In Music.

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Do you want to be a better musician?

Are you tired of searching for the next step?

Do you want a clear guide to musical success?



“This book is a step-by-step guide that will save you years of time, thousands of dollars and will make you a better musician.”


Why YOU need this book.

Musicians face extraordinary challenges to achieve success. Not only do we have to build knowledge and skill with our tools (like a tradesperson), learn networking and marketing (like a salesperson), and maintain product development and customer relations (like a business owner), we ALSO have to find room for expression and creativity.

Musicians wear a lot of different hats and it’s difficult to know which hat fits, and which hat to wear at the right time.

Most musicians spend their lives struggling through trial and error; balancing DIY ethic with limited funds to pay for what seems like the right thing to do next.

It can seem like there’s an exclusive club that has the secrets to success, and they don’t want to share. Well, there IS a club and I’m inviting you to join.


Why you DON'T need this book.

Already in the club? Already know the secrets?

Have you already lived the life and learned the lessons?

If you’re an advanced musician, an ‘old-hand’, or you’ve found success easily; then honestly, this book probably isn’t for you. The Musician’s Map is hopefully of INTEREST to everyone, but the ADVICE is mainly aimed towards new & intermediate level musicians looking to find their path, dispel some myths and find focus.

But hey, get in touch and maybe we can share stories ;)


Why I wrote this book.

I’ve never been let in on any secrets. I’ve spent most of my music career on the outside of the ‘in-crowd’; wondering why no one notices, no one listens and no one cares.

Like there’s something successful musicians know that I don’t.

I’ve spent more than 20 years struggling for success with trial and error, spending every ounce of energy and every cent I’ve earned in search of musical success.

I’ve asked every question there is and I finally know the answers.

I know the secrets and I want to share them with you. Screw the club.

The Musician’s Map eBook is everything I wish I knew throughout my journey as a musician.

This is the lessons of more than 20 years learning, listening, practising, performing, recording, touring, and living life as a musician.


Why this can benefit YOU.

If you’re playing shows and looking to get signed or if you’re a total beginner. If you want to make money from music, or if you’re just in it for the love.

No matter your level or goals, this book will help you.

The Musician’s map book starts at the beginning when you haven’t even chosen an instrument, and outlines every step to building personal satisfaction and a career as a performing, money making musician.


Make a change.

Stop with trial and error, wasting money and energy, the uncertainty, the unknown.

Start growing, improving, seeing progress and realising your ambition.


What you get.

The Musician’s Map eBook includes 36 chapters, 106 pages and more than 40,000 words of advice, information and tools to help you grow success in music. Topics include:

  • The value of listening and expanding your musical world-view
  • Instruments, practise and improving
  • Bands, rehearsals and auditions
  • Recording, demos and promotion
  • Getting, advertising, preparing for and playing gigs
  • Performing and getting paid to play
  • Professional recording, studios, mixing and mastering
  • Music videos and self-releasing music
  • Booking and going on tour
  • Getting label interest and making money as a musician

This is an invaluable resource that you will refer to over and over again for YEARS. 



“I’ve never read a book like this. Kane lays everything on the table in plain English; it’s black and white and straight to the point. This is pure gold.” - James - London, UK
“I’ve been a musician for 7 years but after reading Musician’s Map I have an entirely new approach to music. My music experience has become richer and I can already see progress in my songwriting...Incredible!” - Saphie - Auckland, NZ
“Real, practical information about the music industry has always been so hard to find; everyone’s so tight-lipped! This book answered all my questions and taught me the true value of honesty and sharing, I can’t recommend it enough.” - Dahlia - New York, NY



Stop wasting TIME wondering what to do next.

Stop wasting ENERGY pursuing a lost cause.

Stop wasting MONEY on bad gigs, bad recordings and bad music.




Musician's Map eBook

The Complete Guide To Success In Music.

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Musician's Map eBook Guide to building success in music
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