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Tell me about yourself. What music you’re into, what instruments you play, what bands you’re in, your live performance experience, your recordings - anything to help me get a picture of your musical journey so far!
What exactly are you hoping to achieve with music? Don't be humble or modest - I want you to be totally honest with me; go big! What are your short term ambitions, long term goals and ultimate dreams?
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Link to a video or recording of you playing or performing. If you don't have one yet; link to your inspiration!
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More about the sessions:

Designed to provide distilled advice, these super-sessions are intensely focused on your musical journey - you will see IMMEDIATE RESULTS.

Development sessions include:

  • An in-depth critique of your best song
  • A 45 minute, personalised video development session
  • The recorded session to download
  • A personal 'plan of action'

We will create a personally tailored plan that outlines your next steps to achieving your goals, provide REAL advice on how you can improve, offer honest encouragement and direction, and answer any burning questions you might have.

These sessions are SO EFFECTIVE that you will see REAL PROGRESS after just one session.

Availability is extremely limited so get in quick!

Musicians Map no bullshit. no sales spiel. no cliches. Just results.

I know what it's like to be lost in the fast-paced world of music, where everyone seems to be getting ahead except you.

It can feel like there's a secret to success that's only shared with a select few.

Let's put an end to that right now.

Musician's Map Kane Power

I've spent the last 20 years growing success through trial and error. Learning instruments, studying music; forming, rehearsing and touring with bands; writing, recording, releasing and promoting albums; making music videos, signing with and working for record labels: learning every lesson the hard way.

The music industry can be brutal and won't give you any hand-ups. It's up to you to get informed, get ahead and take control of your musical journey.

I'm here to help you.

I want to tell you everything I know and put you in charge of your journey right from the start.

My development sessions are designed to provide clarity and purpose to achieving your musical dreams - real world, practical advice, specific to your situation and your goals.

How does it work?

We start with the essential critique. This is an honest assessment of your music and level from an impartial expert. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses so you can focus on how to progress.

We'll go over the critique during our session; identifying what makes you unique, and all the ways in which you could improve.

If you don't have a recorded song you can perform at the start of the session, or if you're not at that stage yet then the session will focus on how to get you there.

Then we'll discuss your goals and make a detailed plan to achieve them.

We'll end the session with a personal 'plan of action' - the specific steps you'll be taking towards realising your talent, ambition and dreams.

After we're done you'll download the plan of action and our video session, to refer back to whenever you need.


“One session with Kane and my path has changed completely. I have direction and focus...I have a plan! For years I didn't understand why I wasn't making progress but in the last few weeks I've had more positive feedback than ever before. Don't even hesitate to book, it's a game changer!” - Genevieve - Los Angeles, CA
“Kane has a simple way of putting things that makes it clear and easy to understand. I was nervous about the intensity of the sessions but Kane is very kind (even with criticism) and I'm more encouraged than ever. I've got a whole new positive outlook and am making steps to achieve my goals” - Emily - Portland, OR
“This is what I was looking for! I've never been able to find honest advice about the music industry, everyone seems to guard their secrets or have an ulterior motive. Not Kane. I've learned more about the music industry in 45 minutes than I have in 5 years of struggling in bands. Thank you Kane!” - Daniel - Melbourne, Vic

Get focused.  Get a plan.  Get results