Episode 21 - Producing and Recording (feat. Zorran Mendonsa)

This week we’re talking about producers and recording.

The role of a producer, pre-production, getting ready for the studio and how to find a killer guitar tone.

We’re going to touch on some secrets for recording bass, alternative ideas for recording drums, and you’ll get a tip about some awesome drum software.

Also, we go into creating a conducive atmosphere in the studio, advice on how to stay relaxed while recording, and how to translate your live energy into your recording.

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Episode 20 - Gig Prep - Ruth Power (Piano Picnic)

This week Ruth and I have a few drinks and discuss getting ready for gigs.

We talk about rehearsal, set-lists, gear, clothing, punctuality, working the room and getting drunk. You’ll hear appearances from two French Bulldogs and a herd of cows, and if you watch on YouTube you get to watch the sunset with us!

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